Ocean currents follow systematic circular patterns, gyres. Once something gets into a gyre they tend to stick around and accumulate. Such is the case of plastic debris. It is estimated that eight million metric tons of plastic enters ocean each year.

Walking along the East Bay shoreline we can get a glimpse of plastic debris that enters and accumulates into Pacific Gyre. In some sections debris of all sizes in various stages of disintegration gets mixed and solidified with other elements such as bird feathers, small crabs, shrimps, sea shells, marine plants, twigs, and/or rocks. Other sections are plastered with disintegrated plastic mixed in with algae so thick that the earth looks like white carpet.

undecidability is my attempt at separating out plastic from natural elements collected from three different locations along East Bay shoreline. I learned that it is sometimes hard to distinguish plastic from some of natural elements (I now know why birds eat plastic), and that plastic disintegrate into tiny pieces. The blankness of the third panel symbolizes failed attempts at reconstitution from one location.